from record to graph...

A visualization and sharing tool for knowledge workers

Available for macOS and Windows.

On Linux? Download the command line version.

Screenshot Cosma

Take notes with your favorite Markdown editor, and explore them with Cosma.

Software comes and goes, but data should last. Cosma brings you a global view of your knowledge graph, without interfering with your storage, editing and versioning practices.


From a directory of text files written in Markdown, Cosma generates a collection of records gathered in a single HTML file: the cosmoscope.

Zettlr is an ideal writing partner for Cosma. Need another text editor? Cosma will work regardless, and it also includes a form to help you quickly create a file in the appropriate format, ready to be edited with your favorite application.


Browse your knowledge using the full heuristic palette of the cosmoscope: search engine, filtering by record types, index, keywords, focus mode, saved views, in-context links and backlinks, automatic citation processing…

Cosma can accommodate all kinds of records and relationships. You can rapidly build a small hierarchical glossary of terms. Or you can patiently accumulate a vast personal documentation containing various types of notes.

Adapt Cosma to your needs: define graphical features according to record or link type; tweak the graph drawing algorithm; customize the appearance of the cosmoscope in CSS.


Share a cosmoscope by email, on your personal website, via a third-party service… It is a standalone HTML file: each person who opens it will have access to the same data and tools as you.

Each cosmoscope also contains a JSON representation of your records, their relationships and the bibliographic references cited. This structured data that can be reused in other software, from Gephi to Zotero.

Available for macOS and Windows.

On Linux? Download the command line version.